Saturday, 8 August 2009

A&A Rental info English


Thanks for your interest in A&A Rentals.

We're offering you a cool style of home.

The apartments are 512 square meters divided into 2 cosy rooms and 1 balcony.
Windows control system from transparent to opaque, medium, closed, opened... (you can control them)
Balconies are covered, that gives more privacy and all of them include an intan, so you can dance with your loved one :)
Complete privacy.
If you don't have furniture of your own we can let you use our own, that will count against your prims allowance.
You can have 40 prims in total.

PRICE: 125 Lindens per week

Note : Furniture includes 2 single sofas with 7 anis each one and 1 coach sofa with 7 anis, all the sofas have their shadow, a functionable floor lamp, a vase with flowers and a bed with 118 animations (no freebies).
If your choice is a furnished apartment : it means all the furniture, we can't spend all the time in sl solving requests about furniture.

Remember you have to wear the A&A Designs from the heart tag when you rezz objects here.
You can't change the media settings.

The total number of prims available at each rental site is fixed, so please don't rezz nor temp rezz more than 40, or we may have to return them, right away . We have to make sure there is space for your neighbours to rezz their prims too.
To count the prims in your skybox, click your rent box, it will display your prim count.
The prims count includes the objects of your friends, partners or who you are sharing your apartment with, so be sure the total of your prims is 40.
Keep your prims within your apartment.
Our skyboxes are too high for avatars to fly, that keeps your privacy, you only can fly if you are in the group and even then if you've some attachement for making you fly.


Use some common sense, and be good to the others, you know, all of us are real persons behind the avatars. Now being specific:

1. This is very IMPORTANT : Stay within your prims limits and keep them within your
your apartment and balcony.
2. Pay your rent on time, if you are going to be be away from SL for some time pay it in
advance, if your apartment shows for rent and someone rents it we won't accept any deal.
3. Don't use particles, rotating scripts nor other kind of laggy scripts.
4. Keep away from the others apartments.

If you break the rules we reserve the right to evict you without refund. So make it easy for all of us and respect those easy rules.

You can have visitors, keep them in your space and make them respect the same rules as you do.
If you agree and rent an apartment here:


Peace and love and have fun and a nice time at your new home!

Amor Pinazzo and Awen Breda